The Susquehanna Valley Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club, Founded in the 1930's in Sunbury, PA. The club consists of over 24 members. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the club house. We can also be found on the off Tuesdays just hanging out.

We are located on the Susquehanna Valley Regional Airport grounds just off Creek Rd in Selinsgrove PA. The Clubhouse is a small building at the south end of the runway.

GPS: N 40deg. 48.915' W 76deg 51.597

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 73
Hummels Wharf, PA 17831 


President: Allan - KB3AC
Vice President: John - K3MD
Secratary: Dave - K3SI
Treasurer: Sue - KB3MSP
Activities: John - K3MD


Mike - WB3CGH until end of 2015
Tim - K3TEG until end of 2016
Jeff - AA3JM until end of 2017


Allan - KB3AC
Bill - K3ARR
Bill - AA2IP
Bob - WP2XX/3
Bob - WY3M
Brad - KC3DPT
Chris -  KD3OA
Curtis - KC3EKL
Dave - N3KCR
Dave - K3SI
Doug - WA3NLA
Gene - KB3MSO
Harry - KB3RUY
Jeff - AA3JM
Jim - KB3TTF
Joe - KC3EBX
John - K3MD
Jymi - KC3EQT
Ken - WB3BNY
Marv - N3JIW
Mike - N3PUR
Mike - WB3CGH
Patrick - W3RGA
Sue - KB3MSP
Tim - K3TEG